When it comes to water purifier we need the best water purifier as clean and fresh water can prevent us from a lot of health issues. In water purifier also there are different types of purification technologies.

Different types of water purification

RO purification: the most widely used water purification method is reverse osmosis. To remove the salt, impurities and germs from the water ro uses membrane technology. The membrane separates the germs and dirty particles from the water and makes the water clear. The membrane has very fine pores which allow only water to enter let the particles, germs and bacteria’s stay behind. Many of the places water taste salt so in such situation the purifier helps to dissolve the salt and pure water is formed.

The minus point of this ro is that sometimes it alters the taste of water and removes the essential mineral from the water. Though there is a certain brand of ro which helps to retain the minerals. The ro is only required when the water is TDS and when it is too much hard.

UF purification: in uf purification, the method used by the membrane is similar to ro. The uf membrane usually removes the colloidal particles from the water but fails to remove the salt from the water. It also helps in removing all the germs and bacteria’s from the water. Uf purification purifiers are as good as the ro purification.

UV purification or e-boiling: this is a method of water filtration which uses ultra violet light to kill the germs in the water. This process is simple, but it makes sure that it kills 99.9% bacteria’s. There is a tiny mercury lamp in it which helps to kill all the bacteria’s inside the water. This filtration only kills the germs but the bodies of the dead bacteria’s remain in the water only for that purification is done with another form of filtration, and then we get fresh and pure water.

Candle filter purifier:  the purifier with candle filter has a basic water purifier system. It happens that many a time’s big particles also mix with the water if the particle is bigger that the pores then it are difficult to pass to the clean side. At this time the candle filter purifier helps to burn the particles into small particle and it then further moves, and we get clear and fresh water.

Activated carbon filters purification: this method is used to purify the filter. It can remove all the carbons inside the water. This filtration changes the taste of the water and this filtration also does not require any electricity for the process, but the only problem is that it does not remove the microbes from the water. So to het the perfect ro for your home ro care India has the best options.

This is the reason why we should choose the right water purifier for our home so that you get all the benefits and get fresh and clear water to drink. So before you buy a water purifier check that you have all these specifications in your room.