Imagine entering a place with the weirdest smell of damp carpets because the kid spilled the milk last night, maybe or sneezing throughout because of the allergens and bacteria in the carpets! Annoying indeed. From household ways of washing and cleansing the carpets to simply using an extractor, the technology has made a swift move. None ignores the household interior and exterior cleaning. Carpet cleaning being one of the most hideous and messy task.  All thanks to the growing technology for introducing the carpet extractors and giving a solution to this aged long problem of messy carpet cleaning.

Carpet cleaning is not only done to make the carpet look pleasing to eyes by its appearance but also to free it from allergens and bacteria which have accumulated in it over the time. Various methods have been used for the same purpose. Hot water or steam method was regarded as one of the easiest and affordable way but its major disadvantage remains that it shortens the lifespan of the carpet. Dry cleaning is not efficient in removing the pathogens. The carpet extractors have been such designed to remove the dust and debris embedded within the carpet and also to make it germ free and sterile.

Is the buy pocket friendly?

A good thing be the expensive one is a myth now. The extractors are available at a pocket friendly price and prove to be really beneficial and economic too. Renting an extractor or cleaner is always an option butit is better to purchase it once and carry the work as per the need.

How it works?

The carpet extractors are the most convenient and mess free solution of carpet cleaning. The working of the extractor can be divided in three simple steps.

  • Firstly, the stained area is treated by spraying some stain removal spray.
  • The carpet is then cleaned with water filled in the solution tank. In this step all the impurities, dust and debris and the pathogens and allergens are removed.
  • The last step includes the drying process. The carpet needs to be dried perfectly else damp carpets might give an unpleasant odour.


One stubborn bubble-gum or some tasty chocolate or a broken glass, you need not get on your hands to get that out. The carpet extractor is all what you need. Surely some grandmother household tricks might work but they can equally worsen the situation. But the extractors can finish this job more conveniently and quickly.

Thus, carpet extractors can truly be termed as the most convenient introduction in carpet cleaning because of the number of advantages it provides. Its work is eco friendly as it does not emit any harmful gases like cfcs n hcfcs. Now you need not waste your Sunday rubbing those carpets. You just need a carpet extractor to extract all that dirt and bacteria.