Same as the type of floor for your home, you can also make sure that your kitchen exudes culture and artistry. This can be done through choosing an Italian kitchen design. This type of floor is manufactured by Italian kitchen design Hong Kong firms. With this type of kitchen, spaces, natural shades, and radiant colors are brought together. You will be able to find several reasons to decide on an Italian kitchen design.

Centered on entertaining guests

Italian kitchen designs are designed keeping in mind that people like to socialize in the kitchen. When you create an Italian kitchen design this will make the kitchen an entertaining and inviting area for guests.

Minimalistic design

Having an Italian design makes it minimalistic with more space to breathe. This gives you space to move around, thin clearly, and have fun with people you value most.

Natural light

Italian kitchen design is known for light hues and really large windows. An Italian design wants to ensure that there is much natural light and space in any enclosure. These elements will make sure that your kitchen is a little piece of heaven on earth.

Italian kitchen design Hong Kong


Italian kitchens are popular for having a standout style. The designs combine form and function the best way possible. They also use hues and shades in the most engaging manner. Your kitchen is simply a balance between functionality and style.

Natural materials

A popular example of an element that you will find in an Italian kitchen is a stone or granite countertop. The majority of Italian designs use natural materials. Such materials can make a lot of space more inviting.

On the other hand,the master craftsmen of flooring in Europe centuries ago created castles and chateaus, showcasing ornate solid wooden floors that match the glittering chandeliers that adorn ceilings along with lovely paintings that are created by famous artists. Artistic wooden floors are now dwindling as European floors succumbed to modernity. The sand and finish solid wooden floor that existed in Europe around 50 years ago is almost gone from the market.

European wood flooring is often made up of layers of compressed timber and a solid wood veneer finish. Engineered wood has become a truly popular option of homeowners because they give that natural solid wool look and feel. It is durable and quite easy to install.

Among the popular option for European wooden flooring is oak which has shown both aesthetic and performance value. Oak has been used in wine barrels and building boats. This type of wood is valued due to its hardness and strength which can withstand impact. It is also known for its intrinsic qualities. The best thing about oak is that this tree grows all over Europe.