If you’re in the market to buy a washing machine, one of the first factors you’ll have to consider is the type loading mechanism. There are critical differences between a Front Load and Top Load Washing Machine and you’ll even be suggested to buy the former. However, a careful speculation of these differences, each type’s pros and cons will help you to reach a sound decision. Keep reading to know which one will be better for your personal requirements and why!

  • The basic difference: Way to put loads in the machine

Front-loaders might not interest you simply because you’ll have to bend to put in your laundry in the machine. If you’re someone who has back aches, then you should try not to buy a front-loader. Although, if a little bending isn’t a problem for you then keep in mind the layout of the room where the machine will be installed. Do pay attention to the way the door swings, you wouldn’t want it to hamper with the setting of your room, right? A great feature of front-loaders is that some models (especially in Samsung) come with pause buttons so you can easily throw the forgotten items inside. On the other hand, top-loaders might appear more appropriate to some since you just need to stand and toss your laundry inside, but here’s a catch! Short-heighted people might face problems in reaching the last few items in the washing machine. Moreover, these would need to be kept in open spaces, never keep them under counters. Additionally, the placement of the control panel can cause issues too, what if you press a few unwanted button while reaching for those socks inside? The above mentioned factors aren’t necessarily technical, but its only wise if you take them into consideration.

  • How does the cleaning happen?

The Best Top Load Washing Machinesare essentially of two types, those with agitators and those without. These help to spin, toss and turn clothes for thorough washing, however the problem lies in the mechanical action that’s utilized. This action can be tough on fabrics and items can even get tangled around the agitators! Though more spinning might appear better for your clothes but in reality, such an action regularly done only negatively affects the quality of the cloth. Front load agitators don’t have any agitators and make use of vanes to tumble laundry inside the machine for better cleaning. These machines treat clothes in the gentlest fashion but a small glitch is that they use higher heat.

  • Is there a difference in capacity?

The capacities of both is more or less similar. The only downside is that the agitator in a top-loader can significantly affect how clothes are distributed within the tub thereby reducing the actual capacity to some extent. You can look to Bijlibachao to know moreabout the different models and capacity offered by various brands such as IFB, Whirlpool, Samsung, LG or Godrej.

  • Which type uses more water?

A reduced water bill is equally important as a reduced electricity bill. Front-loaders and high-efficiency top-loaders use far less water as the drum is moves around, lifting up clothes making them land in a shallow pool of water. However, standard top-loaders with agitators require you to fill up the tub with clothes so that they float and can move around in the drum in a better manner thereby fully utilizing the pole’s mechanical action. So which one would suit your needs?

You now know the basic difference between the Best Top Load Washing Machineand the best Front load washing machine. Regardless of what others say, each one has its own share of positives and negatives. So it’s really up to you to compare and select one that best fits your needs! You can look for a professional for more details.