For many years, the stars that glow in the dark have flooded the market. These stars have built a reputation on the ceiling of their children’s room until they are a few years old and can shine from a few minutes to several hours. Times are changing, and in the last six years I have developed a product that has achieved unprecedented performance, a product that will gain a new reputation for shining in the dark stars. This is something you can use to create the perfect starry ceiling in your own room, and it will work up to 16 hours a day.

Idea of ​​sleeping under a bright night sky

Now I know that many people like the idea of ​​sleeping under a bright night sky, because I sold hundreds of my star ceiling since September 9, when I first launched them. But what is very interesting are the comments I received from some of those customers who told me they were skeptical that my product could work, since I described how it works.

Current bad reputation

Therefore, it is clear that the current bad reputation of these mass-produced products obscures people’s opinions, and when they see a truly wonderful product, their minds are already prepared, thinking that it cannot be otherwise. Do not forget that the product I am talking about is completely unique: it is handmade and, thanks to this, its composition and characteristics can be controlled and changed completely.

The real stars in the night sky do not look the same, some of them are brighter and others weaker, and also have different sizes. To recreate this as an illusion on the star ceiling, you need a product that this option can provide. My stars not only recreate the night sky, but they do it with exact realism from weak stars to super bright stars, with a difference in size, and even include a very real flickering effect.

Product is realistic and freely used

This leads me to another misconception. When people see lists of low-quality stars, the authors of these lists tell readers that their product is the most realistic product they will buy, knowing that there is no truth in their statements. The claim that your product is realistic is freely used, even if there is no such reality or evidence to support this claim.

The star ceiling is installed by drilling hundreds of small holes in the ceiling and installing light guide fibers with final shine on them. Cables and light sources are usually hidden behind the ceiling so that they are not visible.