One machine that is widely used by people in these times is the washing machine. But, it is not used alone; it is accompanied by a dryer to make the clothes moisture free. We pay a lot of attention and look at the nitty-gritties of features while buying a washing machine, but we ignore the dryer. These days dryers have also acquired different levels of sophistication and come in various kinds. If we know which the right dryer to buy is, we can save on our money and electricity.

People are well aware of the traditional dryer. This normal dryer uses hot air to dry the clothes and it does so by blowing it into the drum chamber. This dryer expels the humid air that comes from drying the wet clothes into the room or surrounding environment. So, normal dryer affects the environment of the place where it operates. It makes the place hot and humid. This basic dryer might be cheap to buy but is expensive to run and maintain in the long run.

A more advanced version of dryer that shakes off the disadvantages of the basic dryer and scores over it in performance is a heat pump dryers like beste warmtepompdroger. It is a sort of condensing dryers. The heat pump of this dryer is fitted with a hot coil and a cold coil. It uses hot air to dry clothes by blowing it into the drum chamber. Its next step is to suck out the humid air from the drum and turn it back into moisture by cooling it. Then it collects this moisture in the tank and the residual cool air is re-heated and pumped back into the drum chamber. So, this process continues and the resources are used again and again till the clothes are completely dried. The heat pumps cool the air turned humid with the moisture of the wet clothes by using air-cooled metal plate or a cold-water based control system. The cold coil of the heat pump is used to cool the moisture-saturated hot air and extract moisture from it. Once the moisture has been extracted, the residual dry air is heated up using the hot coil of the heat pump.

The many benefits of heat pump dryer include reusability of natural resources of air and water, keeping the surrounding environment in its original condition, and saving on electricity. A heat pump dryer consumes less electricity than the traditional dryers and dries the wet clothes at a much faster pace.

So, once we understand the functioning and the benefits of the heat pump dryers, we can easily say that they are the best type of dryers to use in today’s world. This is the reason why more and more companies are bringing heat pump dryers into the market. One of the companies in Europe providing best heat pump dryers, or beste warmtepompdroger in Dutch, is was-droger. The different types of heat pump dryers manufactures by them can be found at their web site,