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How can they help?

In respect of tress, Indigo regularly advises private clients/homeowners, developers, architects, solicitors, retailers, estate owners and managers, project managers, councils, planning consultants, engineers, and other industry professionals conveying itemized and cost-effective tree reports for a wide scope of customers in various industries and sectors. Indigo stays focused on conveying high-quality practical and inventive solutions in a cost-effective defensible manner. The arboricultural specialists and a group of experts are suitably qualified and experienced, with foundations in both private and open segment work. The team gives reasonable, customer engaged and faultless arrangements. Regardless of the size or extent of the area, you are working with, and the size of the improvement, the team of tree surveyor conduct thorough and detailed tree surveys that give all of the information required before moving forward with a project. This includes any refurbishment and renovation of existing properties, new build construction work, tree overviews directed for wellbeing and security reasons, or to help with protection and home loan conditions. You can be sure that the work and analysis you receive ticks all the right boxes in light of the occurrence in helping with a wide scope of issues that are always working to the strict standards and guidelines laid out by the industry.

tree surveyor

The large-scale developments

Prior to any work being carried out with precise and detailed information available, it is vital that an accurate tree survey report is conducted being part of any planning application for large-scale development sites. Tree reports should initially be issued before any site design arrangement happens. These ought to incorporate the dimensions of trees found nearby, including their height, crown height, the diameter of the stem, and crown spread, the basic uprightness of the tree and its physiological condition, and the age class of all trees found on sight. From that point, a report can be put together that offers evaluations and classifications of all trees recorded in the report, just as any proposals before improvement can proceed.

Harm from trees/ vegetation

Trees can cause damage to a hard surface like pathways, driveways, etc., buildings, and light structures like walls, outbuildings, etc. Tree/vegetation related damage can be from stem contact or branch contact, direct contact and displacement from roots, or maybe indirect by the vegetative influence like from the extraction of water from shrinkable soils. The team of specialist tree consultants can provide preventative and reactive recommendations for tree/vegetation management whether it be a preliminary site assessment due to the perceived risk from trees/vegetation or a detailed investigation of tree-related building damage. Indigo provides arboricultural reports for your insurer and work closely with solicitors, loss adjusters, geotechnical/structural engineers, and your neighbors to establish the cause of the damage to provide a suitable solution. The right introductory advice will consider precaution site management, pruning works, and tree felling to be undertaken. And also, advise ahead of schedule after the identification of structural damage can consider the issue to be instantly remediated.