Congratulations on making the big decision and purchasing a house with the help of Houston home buyers assistance program! What’s next? It’s time to move into your new home. Isn’t it thrilling?

If you’re getting overwhelmed and don’t know where you should begin, we’re here to help you. Moving is not just about changing your address. Instead, it’s a new beginning. It’s an opportunity to enjoy a unique environment that suits you.

It can be easy to fall into a rut especially if you want to maintain a particular identity or the way you see yourself. A significant change in your life just like moving homes is one of the best opportunities to let your surroundings catch up to you.

Consider Your Personal Identity

If you are going to take a look at your current home and see the things that no longer fit you and your life, you can eliminate a lot of things.

Take, for example, your futon which you think doesn’t fit your image as a professional especially since you bought it for your apartment in college. Perhaps there is some furniture which your kids bought and are left behind when they left for college. And now, it doesn’t fit you. Or you have some furniture that your sister gave you as a hand-me-down which isn’t your style, but you just kept it because it’s free. It’s about time to let these things go. You are now at a new stage in your life.

Big Decisions Come First

Unburden yourself and color code your furniture. For this task, you can use brightly-colored sticky notes starting with the most significant items in your house. Start from one room and maybe use the following color scheme:

  • Yellow – I never liked it. I need to sell these or donate it immediately.
  • Green – I love this. I want to bring it with me to the new house.
  • Pink – It’s okay, but not that amazing item. It might not fit in the new house. Maybe I should donate, sell or offer it to my friends or relatives?


Eliminate All The Yellow Items

Check all the items you tagged in color yellow and take great photos of each. Afterward, move them to the garage or to another room which you’ve emptied. The idea here is to get them out of the way.

If you are planning on donating these items, it’s best to arrange them correctly or have a scheduled time to get picked up by the donation center or charity.

You can also advertise these things as free stuff on social media so you can get rid of them if you have large items which are too vast for the charity to pick up.

If you want to sell them, you can use the local paper or social media to post the photos you took earlier. Another way is to advertise them via flyers.

Determine the Pink Items

The pink items may need segregation to the ones you want to keep and the ones you plan on selling. Just remember not to overcrowd your house. Have an open space in your home for a luxurious feel.