You have to take careful steps before you go carpet hunting. And is that size is usually one of the most common mistakes, and there is nothing worse than a rickety carpet or that stands out everywhere. These are the measures that you should keep in mind; if the natural carpet is for the living room, the legs of the sofa have to step on the carpet, and it should be smaller than the chair so that it does not protrude. With the dining room, we are in the opposite case. The chairs have to stay inside the carpet even when we move them to get up. Ideally, it should protrude approximately 60 cm on each side of the table.

And another thing that must also be taken into account is the doors: make sure that no carpet hinders their opening.

Choose carpet size

And now that we know a little more about them, it’s time to get some ideas. Let’s go there.

Bet on textures:

The latest trends in carpets point above all to the mixture of textures in the same piece, something like the equivalent of the eclectic style but in a carpet version. Chunky knit carpets and long knot carpets are also hitting hard, especially in light shades. In terms of materials, wool takes the lead, closely followed by vegetable fiber carpets such as the classic jute, raffia, hemp, or rope. But it is not only natural fibers that triumph; there is a clear trend towards vinyl carpets for many reasons: they are washable, they repel dust, they are very resistant to the passage of time, and, also, they allow a wide range of innovative designs.

Bathroom and kitchen:

We already know that carpets in the bathroom and kitchen have been around for a lifetime. But the time has come to banish the classic bath mat. Take a chance and replace it with a long-haired one. In the kitchen case, bet on a colorful carpet that stands out or on one of the new jute or cane carpets that are so trendy. As we have already told you, they are easy to clean and trend, so don’t think twice.

Kitchen or bathroom carpets

A boho touch:

You just have to create combinations with different carpets overlapping one another. It is essential that you use different textures, materials, and sizes for your compositions. But beware, balance is necessary if you don’t want the end result to be a formless, meaningless amalgam. A good option may be to use a vegetable fiber mat as a base and, on top of it, one that provides the color.

How to combine carpets

Give it prominence:

If you have a piece of furniture, a large decorative object, or even a sculpture that you particularly like, you can use a carpet to make it stand out. Choose a bold, monochrome round carpet and place the piece on top. You will see how it becomes the object of all eyes.

Carpet to highlight furniture

Reuse your old carpet:

If you have a carpet that you love and after reading this article you have a terrible desire to change the scene in your living room, now is the time to give it a new life! Use it to upholster an armchair with it or even to change the upholstery of the chairs. The result is surprising, and you ensure a unique style. We hope that these tips have helped you choose the carpet model that best suits your needs. If you decide on one of our carpets, do not hesitate to show us how it looks, we will be delighted to see the result!