Buying a sofa is one of the biggest and most important investments that you have to make when you are trying to revamp your living space. However, choosing the right furniture can be confusing. There are so many furniture stores Melbourne and depending on your style preference and budget, you can choose from a store’s massive collection of sofas. So if you do not know which sofa to choose for your living room, here are some tips to help you decide. 

It Is Always Best To Try It First!

When choosing a sofa, you should consider the ones that have a seat depth that is at least 60cm. This way, it can give you plenty of room to move around especially if you have longer legs. Remember that the seat depths vary so it is important that you try different sofa styles to get the perfect match for what you need. When it comes to seat height, there is no right or wrong. Lastly, check the armrests and see if it’s what you want.

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A Good Frame Is A Good Investment

When it comes to sofa frames, spend as much as you can to get the best one when looking for a classic furniture Mebourne. Also, take note of the manufacturer guarantee for the sofa frame before you purchase the furniture. In fact, manufacturers who are confident with their products offer a lifetime guarantee. It is best if you prefer a solid hardwood frame rather than the particleboard or the ones made of metal construction.

The Cushions Should Be Comfy

Finding a good sofa is not all about the aesthetics or its foundation. What’s inside it is as important as what you see outside. If you are looking for high-level comfort, prefer the feather-filled cushions. However, they need regular plumping. The foam or the ones with fiber filling can easily flatten out and start to lose their shape. According to furniture experts, the best combination is the back cushions that are filled with features and the seat cushions with foam or fiber.

Fabric Used Should Be Taken Into Consideration

The upholstery fabric plays a huge impact on how your sofa blends with the room. Choose carefully to make sure that it matches with your scheme. Remember that when you choose natural materials, they might fade when in strong sunlight. So choose a synthetic fabric if you will place your sofa near a window. Also, prefer fabrics that are easy to clean especially if you have small children or pets at home. 

Put Your Tape Measure Skills Into Action!

It is important that you take note of the measurements of the space and the sofa that you want to purchase, especially if you have a limited living room space. You should be certain of the sofa dimensions that would fit your space. You should also check the dimensions of your doors and stairways to have enough allowance during the delivery of your furniture. If you have limited passageway, opt for the low-back style with removable legs so that it can be delivered in parts.

Having a good sofa in your living room can definitely make a huge difference in how the entire space would look and feel. You should consider choosing the ones that would fit your budget but would also go with the theme and style of your living room.