As we travel a long and we admired by a lot but we are rests only in the home where we have the peace and happiness. Even there were many friends and peoples who we know well in the life but also we love to worship for our family and we feel good while on doing such things to our family as well. The important thing of a man is that he must have the duty to protect his family form the surroundings and all environmental cause. In today’s environment the rate or criminality is gradually growing in all the corners of the streets, even the safety engineers and government sectors can’t control those criminals to stop polluting the social order. It’s our precaution to keep safe of our self and a man in the family has the responsibility to take precaution of his family while they shouldn’t be aware of such things.

Notice your family members when it comes on society:

Even women’s have the duty to protect the family from mental stress and giving love to the family members for a peaceful and happy home. All the members in the family are cooperated together to make their family a well knowledge growth in the society. All the family members have responsibility to take care of each and every person who lives with them. Women’s have the highest priority when coming to the name of family because she has the entire rights to lead her family toward the growth. She was noticed a lot in the functions and celebrations that happen with the relatives. The way she behave and the way the family members are doing their works are noticed in the concern of a woman who is the head of the family and a man is the pioneer of the family.

Responsibility of a good parent:

Both mother and father are the inspirations of their children because the kids grow by seeing the nature of the father and the behaviour of their mother. Hence the mother and father should take care of their own emotions before the children and they should notice their adult words only in the absence of children at home. A child can be easily spoiled when a wrong spell is composed by his father or mother in any situation. He or she doesn’t know about the world of adult at their young ages but they started to find the meaning for those things in that little age. So the parents have to take a special care on the behaviour of their children.