It can be much more challenging to move into a new area than most people think, mainly if you were unable to take into account the continuity of bare necessities in a home such as security, heat, and comfort. Unless you choose all of these off your mind, be assured that the first few nights of your stay in your new home can turn into a sleepless disaster. Here’s a checklist that we provide to help you get away with all the stress when you move to a new place.

  • Take forward space measurements to prepare the design of furniture. Measure your kitchen table area, dining room, family room, and any room and space at your new location so you’ll know exactly where each furniture should be positioned when the day comes to move.
  • Until closing escrow, pass some utilities. Once you close escrow, move any services such as gas, water, trash, cable, and wifi to prevent any incident from happening while the home is empty. Once you run out, make sure you call and have your utility company at your fingertips to get water, electricity, and heat ready when you reach your new home.

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  • Get up and running appliances from home. Make sure your refrigerator is plugged in after you’ve cleaned the kitchen thoroughly, so you’ve got it warm and ready to use when you’re moving in. Have all the equipment tested and available, and if you ever find a flaw, you can speak to your real estate agent to verify your agreement with the agent.
  • The stock of necessary supplies for cleaning. At least until you move into your new space, you’ll want to clean your bathroom and kitchen. Once you start bringing in furniture, clean the areas like the bathroom and kitchen thoroughly so that you are sure the house is safe and sanitary for people moving in with you.
  • Addressing concerns about electricity, plumbing, and other safety. You won’t want a fuse popping or a tube bursting in your new home on your first day, so locate the circuit breaker box, and the main water valve during your preliminary cleaning before you move in, and then you have the essential protection for everyone’s security at home.
  • Once you move in, keep your household necessities handy and in clear sight. You might want to pack your stuff up and put the box in a clear, safe place, so you won’t find it difficult when you’re moving in. You can also mark the boxes and arrange them depending on their purposes and the product they provide.
  • Visit the area before moving into your new home. Get to know your neighborhood ahead even before your gas tank mid-move empties, or you drop a dresser on your foot to locate the nearby hospital, schools, and other essential facilities as they can help you with the directions.

 You can find houses for sale Sandbach, and while you’re still moving in or planning to move out of your old house -this checklist can help you make your new home feel like your old home again!