The right swimming pool color works like a magnet. It creates a strong field of attraction giving those around a reason to want to taste the waters. So many things come into play during the selection of a pool color. Your personal preferences, home styling, surrounding decor, and the environment are some of the things that cannot be ignored. But since the pool is specially made for you, the coloring must be a reflection of your likings and preferences. For those still finding it hard to decide which color to add to their swimming pool, here is a guide to make the selection work easier.

Pool Size and Depth

Your swimming pool color concentration is entirely dependent on the pool depth and size.  The concentration increases with depth and size. Deeper and bigger pools make pool water color to appear more concentrated. Shallower pools make the color to appear less concentrated.  This happens simply because as the depth increases, the light refraction increases. Therefore, when deciding which color to use in finishing your swimming pool, you have to put your pool size and depth into consideration.


Water Chemistry

Your swimming pools hue will greatly depend on the PH level, calcium hardness, and the number of metals present in the water.  Higher metal levels will make your pool water to showcase a green-like look while higher calcium amounts will make the water to appear cloudy. Depending on the chemistry of your swimming pool water, you have to select the best color choice that would have a positive effect on the watercolor.

The Nearby Landscape

When selecting a swimming pool color, you also should check the surrounding landscape and foliage. If vegetables and grass make the most part of the pool’s surrounding landscape, you may have to choose a light blue to give your pool a more aquamarine like appearance.

The Swimming Pool Location

The amount of sunlight directed to your swimming pool will greatly determine how the water looks.  Swimming pools situated in areas which receive minimal to no sunlight will experience minimal changes in color.  Swimming pools situated directly to sunlight will experience vibrant water color changes.  You have to ensure you select the right color for your swimming pool if really you want to keep it looking great.

Knowing what colors to add to your swimming pool is the first step to a successful pool finishing. Once you have an idea on how you want your pool to be colored, you have to decide on whom to trust with the job of implementing such ideas. is an Australian-based interior designer with many years of experience implementing top-notch swimming pool ideas. Our team of creative and innovative interior designers has many years of experience helping thousands of homeowners and business operators add flavor and decor to their otherwise poorly looking pools. With us, you can rest assured that whether new or old, your pool will end up getting a fresh and luring look. Talk with our customer representatives to schedule for an appointment or inquire more about the services we offer here.