No matters in which era we are living trends in modern kitchen decoration always evolve. Earlier the kitchen was a place meant for cooking but with the changes and up-gradation now it is an important place for every individual in the home. Now, it has turned into a multifunctional room, where people watch television and do other fun activities. A successful kitchen design should focus on its functionality, durable finish and good quality products. If you are thinking of updating or renovating your kitchen, then keep reading as today we are going to discuss popular kitchen designs of 2020.

New Kitchen Designs For 2020

Scandinavian Kitchen

Scandinavian look is based on the model to give a natural, clean and simple look to the kitchen. Wood is the major part of this design. This kitchen is very handy and functional, and always looks clean and fresh. This is because white is the primary shade of the colour palette of this design. This allows much more light to enter and reflect off the walls which gives it clear and wide looks.

Metod Kitchen

To give your kitchen all the stylish looks it needs you can make use of Metod kitchen cabinets on walls in the shape and style of your choice. If you like modern white kitchens, then try side panels and cabinets in black or dark gray shade. If you have a big space left for the kitchen, choose a modern white and gray kitchen with matching appliances together.

Industrial kitchen

So you are very much impressed with the commercial restaurant kitchen style; why not opt for industrial kitchen design. It has certain things to be evolved in a commercial way such as neutral colours like white, black, gray, and brown, open shelving for upper cabinets, cast iron or stainless steel hanging pot racks, exposed structures like rough brick, water pipes, beams, and other decorations.

Modern minimalist kitchen

If you are looking to design your kitchen in a completely less luxurious way then considering this design is highly recommended. But remember despite its simplicity it is a sophisticated kitchen design preferred by homeowners. Accessories, appliances and utensils are hidden behind cabinets and drawers. Only the essentials are left on the work surface such as a food processor, a decorative plate or your favourite flower. Neutral and natural colours are used to give it the desired look.

Hope this post helps to give your kitchen the most sophisticated and elegant look.