The natural beauty of the wood will add warmth and character to any room. Wood furniture requires only less maintenance compared to any other material and also more valuable. If you have a piece of old wooden furniture, you can enhance its look by renovating using the right techniques. If you have the right tools, you can do it yourself at home. Various steps are followed to refurbish the wooden furniture that is clearly listed on Before starting to renovate the wooden furniture, you have to learn the basics of sanding and how to prepare the wood.

Sanding can make any average project into a great one. The olden wood furniture contains dents, have a rough surface and other marks. Wood sanding helps to smooth the wood’s surface. Sanding is one of the important parts that determine the end finish and quality of the work. If you want to DIY, then you should have the power tools like orbital sander that helps to get you the look the best it can. Depends on the sanding surface, you have to choose the right tools. For smaller surfaces, you can use sandpaper alone. For larger surface, there is no replacement for the sander tools.


Before sanding you have to take the right precautions as sanding produces a lot of dust. Wear a protective mask so that you don’t inhale it. Also, wear goggles that keep particles out of your eyes. If you are working with the wooden furniture that releases toxic during sanding, then wear the gloves while using the sander. You have to choose the tool that is easy to operate so that you could complete work without any hassles. It is important to keep in mind that you have to prepare the surface before turning on the sanding tool. Make sure the surface is dry and clean it with a neat cloth.

Next, you need to know when to stop sanding. If you’re going to finish the wood with a light stain, then sand the surface to be smoother as much as possible. The coarse grit will absorb more of the stain that makes the scratched area looks darker. It is essential you should finish with fine grit. Patience is the key to achieve a smoother surface. Thus, prepare the wood surface properly before painting it. Check out to know the refurbishing process, and transform the look of your wooden furniture.