Bathtubs are the most attractive centerpiece of the toilet and play an important role in giving a certain look to your toilet. Although they look very nice and offer a class in the toilet, their installation and maintenance are not children’s play. It is a difficult process and can take many days and techniques to fix perfectly. If you are installing the new¬†Singapore bathtub, all you have to do is use the same walls and plumbing to install the new bathtub.

Some tips for installing a new bathtub are:

First, check the floor around the tub if they need repair, repair, or replace them as needed. Damaged floors can cause leaks.

Check the pipes for damaged or rusty ones and replace them.

Check the leak connections and install and repair, repair, or replace them in the event of a leak.

The area where the bathtub is to be fixed must be sealed with silicone to protect it from any damage caused by water.

Before buying a bathtub, consider the size of the new tub with the old one. After that, while installing the tub, make sure it is resting on the floor and not on the tub’s rim area.

The support frame is made of wood and depends on the size of the tub. The tub is fixed and placed on this support frame.

For nailing purposes, use nails that are galvanized to hold the tub in place.

Use the blocks or buttons to level the tub, slide it into position.

Lay the boards as they are placed under the tub and help secure the tub to the wall.

Install and secure the drain pipes to the tub.

Attach the edge plates to the marked areas and secure them securely with galvanized nails.

Finally, use the 1-2-inch mortar bed for the tub.

Now turn on the water to check the tub and install the shower heads attached to it.

After that, the following is how to maintain the tubs. Some tips for bathtub maintenance are:

It is important to clean the drain of dirt and debris, as it becomes difficult over time. Use the cleaning substance (s) appropriate or recommended by the manufacturer.

To avoid damage and rust, seal the boards and putty twice a year to clean them. It will also prevent water damage or runoff. Check regularly for damaged or loose mortar.

The seal and sealant used at the time of fixing and sealing are damaged by water over time. It should be removed and applied fresh every two to three years to prevent leaks and other problems.

Bath or shower doors should be checked regularly from below, as standing water can damage them. This will also inform you if the drain system is working properly or not. Regular maintenance will also prevent mold, and your doors will run smoothly.

These are some of the installation and maintenance tips. The better the tubs are maintained, the greater the life expectancy of the tubs.