Thomas homes builders are acknowledged as the South Florida’s top most house builders. They deal with every aspect of the home’s design and construction. They apply all of their substantial knowledge and experience to each job, working with input from their skilledinterior designers, adopted contractors, and skilled architects, and of course, with the consumer to make sure that their remarkablenew home will overreach even their greatest expectations. The main aim is to bring them many years of fulfillment, pride, and pleasure. Their new custom grandeur home should admire their life.

With their adopted guidance, the design procedure for the customer’s new home will be the perfect combination of their vision, tastes, and fascination with in-depth knowledge of the good things, ingenious building approach,and design choices. Together, they will bring the exquisite and esteemed south florida custom home builders people always dreamed of out of their imagination and into astonishing reality! After many highly fortunate projects, the team at Thomas Homes has justified,time and again, that they have more experience and incomparable skills to design and expertly taking care of building your dream home from the infrastructure up. They can also positively handle professional additions and/or reshaping to help them maximize their enjoyment of their existing house.

Their expertise craftsmen have decades of assembled experience and highly particular skills to depend on as they work their magic, creating dazzling and unique high-end features that will make every part of a home truly eye catching.

south florida custom home builders

Their rigid designs often blend astonishing views, and diffuse a sense of loftiness and dignity in every room. They understand the importance of advancing training and staying current with new trends, and can suggest how best to assimilate the most current design/build newness, including advanced home automation, media rooms, customized cabinet and storage, and much more.

Some ofThe Features Integrated are:

  • One and two-story house architecture
  • Deck
  • Garage(s)
  • Courtyard
  • Master bedroom suites, scenic, exterior views
  • Lavatory
  • Play rooms
  • Kitchens
  • Formal dining rooms
  • Movie theaters
  • Solid wood furnishings
  • Custom lockers
  • Security systems
  • Whole-house audio/video and electrical automation systems

They provide various services like:

  • House building and Uptown Construction.
  • Custom Home Builders in South Florida
  • Bathroom renewal:According to several surveys, the bathroom is often the place where many people ebb for privacy or just to be able to think in peace. For some, the time spent here might be their only opportunity tobe calm and collect their thoughts before facing a busy and hectic day. At Thomas Homes, they can help you completely recreate your present bathroom, and commend you on a range of attractive and convenient solutions, perfect bespoke to you. Not only will a newly-redesigned bathroom contribute to make you much happier on a day-to-day basis, it will also add extensive lasting value to your home’s equity, year after year. By suggesting a personalized combination of unique elements, such as one-of-a-kind wood cabinets, panel-controlled gleam, high-end designer sink and counter options, expanded storage space, and many other outstanding qualities, they can help you design and create a bathroom that will perfectly suit your tastes, requirements and allocation.
  • Renovatingthe Kitchen
  • Commercial Construction etc.

Thomas Homes can give variety of demands and locations, including 

  • Ocean view gobs
  • Beach front gobs
  • Secured Communities
  • Villages
  • Private gobs