Finding a reputable moving company requires a little bit of research and legwork, but it is way better than getting stuck with an unreliable moving company. Sure you will find a lot of moving companies, but therein lies the problem. There is a lot that it becomes overwhelming. So how do we narrow the choices down? Who would you trust with your worldly possessions? When choosing a moving company, always go for reputation before anything else. A company with a great reputation will save you time and money. Read on below for some timely tips in choosing the right moving company.

Start Your Search Locally

A local search will considerable lower the number of results that you will get preventing you from being overwhelmed. As an example, if you live in Austin, search for movers in Austin to get local results. Give yourself some time to visit their office and have a look for yourself as to how they run their shop. From the choices, it will be easier to narrow them down by reputation and then from there pinpoint the company you might want to work with.

Get Recommendations, Read Reviews And Complaints

Ask friends, relatives, co-workers and local real estate agents for their take on a moving company in your area. This would also be a good time for you to start digging a little deeper on their online presence. Check their social media account and see if there are any reviews or complaint there against them. No reputable company will neglect the online presence. Join online forums regarding moving companies in your area as well. If there are commendations or complaints you will most likely find them here.

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Never Make Any Large Deposits

A reputable moving company will actually almost never get any money upfront. They will do so at the end of the move when your items are already back in your possession. Most moving companies require 205 of the estimated cost of the move and nothing above that. If a company asks more than that, that is a red flag and you should steer clear and wary of them.

Get A Thorough Estimate

Once you get and have chosen a moving company, make sure that the estimator will go over your place and items thoroughly, and not just a cursory glance. This would ensure that the estimate would be as accurate as possible and there would be no nasty surprises waiting when the final bill comes.

What do Their Rates Really Include?

Here, low rates do not necessarily mean a low final bill, make sure you make them disclose their rates and study them. Are fuel charges included, packing and unpacking charges may also be applied and be added on top of the estimate.


To Conclude

These are just some of the most common sense tips to use in choosing a moving company. They are not complete by far but just by using one or two tips in here will make you a whole lot prepared than going in without any plan at all.