On average, a properly installed and a well-maintained gutter system can last from 20 to 30 years. The gutter system is not only for channeling water away from the foundations, your roof or places where it will cause damage but is essential to the overall health of your home. As rains become more frequent, and our climate behaves ever more different than the norm, it is becoming even more important to take care of this vital system. If left without maintenance, it can cost you thousands of dollars in water damages alone. Not taking care of your downspouts will damage your roof from up there and down to your foundations. Just think of where all the water would go dropping on your roof without the gutter system channeling it into the drainage system? Here are some tips for preventive maintenance to keep the longer lasting gutter system working efficiently.

Avoid Clogs at all Costs

     If by some reason your gutter guards are not working or have not been installed along with the system, you have a big problem. Clogs are one of the worst problems that a gutter system will face and because of these corrosion occurs as water builds up on unwanted places. These clogs will also cause water to leak inside your house damaging insulation and electrical systems. Worse it can cause molds to grow and be a health hazard. Always check for debris build-up and watch out for leaks. Keep an eye out also for ice dams that may form during winter. These also block water flow to your downspouts. Check or clean your roof after a particularly heavy snowfall to avoid these getting a professional is advisable.

Clear Overhanging Vegetation Away

      Get rid of tree branches or plants that may drop leaves on your roof and clog the eavestrough and downspouts of your gutter system. It is advisable to clean your gutter system about twice a year, to catch cracks that are just starting and to be able to repair them early on. Remember that preventive maintenance is what you are doing, to avoid high costs of repair in any case of a neglected portion. If you live in a wooded area, a more frequent check will have to be done.

Safety First

     Those are the two most straightforward things that you can do for a healthy and long lasting gutter system. It may sound deceptively simple, but it can be quite dangerous as well. Make sure you are comfortable with ladders and heights before venturing out into your roof trying to clean it. For heavier repair jobs, it is best to leave it to the professionals, and if you live in Milton, just search eavestrough Milton for a list of local companies that can do the job for you.