An air compressor is defined as a machine that makes use of an electronic motor or a gas engine to suck volumes of air from the atmosphere and store them in the form of compressed air or pressurized air. When more and more volume of air is sucked into the tank, the volume of the air becomes smaller thereby increasing the pressure. The compressed air contained in the tank can then be used for a variety of purposes. When the air pressure in the tank drops down the compressor turns on to re-pressurize the tank. Air compressor for framing nailer is an important application for the tool.

Now what is a framing nailer and what purpose does it solve?

A framing nailer is described as a tool used for driving nails into a framing assembly. The tool helps in finishing the work faster than a skilled carpenter who uses a hammer to drive the framing nail. These types of equipment are generally used to handle large wood works as they help in increasing the productivity. An air compressor would be useful to run these tools like the framing nailers effectively. It is important to choose a good air compressor for framing nailer for getting the job done effectively. Now it is important to choose a compressor that has enough power for the nailers.

In general, all compressors are suitable to be used with the framing nailers but it is advisable to use one with a rating of 2cfm or higher. There are certain tips and criterion to be kept in mind before choosing an air compressor to be used with tools like the framing nailers. The first thing to look for is the voltage of the compressor. Depending upon the nature of using the right voltage specifications are quite important. In case there is no electricity available a gas powered compressor could do the job. The next thing to consider is the tank size as it influences the run time of the motor. The larger tank also allows you to use more than one tool at the same time. A compressor with a larger tank also reduces the strain on the motor. But it should also be kept in mind that the larger the tank reduced is its portability.

Lastly, another important feature to be considered while buying an air compressor for home improvement tools is that if its lubricated or oil less. Traditionally lubricated air compressors have been used to do the job. But the cons of using one are it requires regular monitoring of the oil levels. This can be a tedious job if more then one person is using the equipment. Off late oil-less compressors have also found widespread use to run home improvement tools like the framing nailers. These are known to be more durable and can even be used by amateurs as these do not need regular maintenance of oil levels. Overall buying a reputable brand with warranty is the key.