Travertine tiles have contributed a lot to the beauty of the designs made in our houses. Travertine is a limestone formed around mineral spring deposits. Calcium Carbonate, known as calcite, creates this sedimentary stone. Other minerals can be mixed with the calcite to create unique shapes or swirls and movements contributing to its beauty. It’s a flooring material and sold in the form of tiles and can come in a variety of colours. Beige hues, brown, lustrous silver grey are examples of the colours travertine stones can be formed.

Travertine tiles and ceramic tiles are used mostly in the house, like in the kitchen, bathroom, and showers can also be used outside the house on the walls. The convenience of the travertine tiles is that they are durable because of their resistance to water and moisture.


Travertine Grades:

They are different grades of travertine tile, which are commercial, premium, and standard. Commercial grades are not flawlessly cut on the sides and will not be uniform with the thickness but are a great deal. A large variety of colours is allowed, including a black or grey marking. The tiles may also be delivered without a colour sorting. Premium grade, on the other hand, is perfectly cut and the thickness being uniform with a bit of filler. The premium-grade offers a large variety of colours that are free from grey or black discolouration. The edges are smooth and uniformly sized. The other grade being the standard grade is well cut with the thickness being uniform, but the filler in the stone will be more. The edges are even with uniform edges.

They are various types of travertine tiles, the first one being the Fleuri cut or the crosscut, which is cut and made parallel to the bedding plane. There is the exposure of a random pattern normally a circular. The result is a strong tile, though, due to holes appearing with heavy work, it’s not absolute for the high-traffic places. When holes appear, one should fill them or best if the tiles were replaced.

Why travertine tiles and ceramic tiles are mostly preferred?

1. Unvarnished travertine stones have excellent traction. One will not have to worry much about sliding or slipping on the floors, unlike the vanished travertine tiles, which are slippery.

2. Ceramic tiles due to its natural beauty and it’s well defined make it very popular. The light colour match with different styles thus brings a touch of old school in your home.

3. They can withstand a shift in temperature easily. This is the reason travertine tile is used in poolside’s.

4. Traven tile tiles are cost-effective and depend on the form one desires to have to make it the most popular to use.

Travertine tiles and ceramic tiles play a huge role in making our houses elegant. They have outstanding features that distinguish them from other tiles. Thus, if you want to make your home look fabulous, do not hesitate to use these tiles. Transform your dwelling into something new with them.