Condo living is becoming a worldwide trend, especially to the younger generation. Many people are now moving out of their houses and choose to live in condo communities. Simply because this is where they can get everything that they want in a home – tight security, convenience, and different amenities for the entire family.

A study reveals that the rising demand for condo properties worldwide is the reason why more property developers choose to invest in condominium buildings, just like One Pearl Bank Capitaland in Singapore. Whether you are from Singapore or not, there are a couple of things that you have to remember when moving into a condo.

Read Your Lease Contract Guidelines

Before you do any renovation, like repainting your living room or adding more shelves in your kitchen, you have to make sure that you find time to sit down and read thoroughly your condo documents. This is to reverify that you are following the guidelines when it comes to making changes in your condo unit.

Your Family Should Know The Rules

If you are used to throwing huge parties in your previous home, this should change once you move into your condo. The entire family should know about the rules and regulations that are imposed on each tenant. Manage your noise levels and consider your neighbors. This is why most condo properties have indoor amenities where you can hold these parties or get-togethers. You should check out your condo’s event venues like a game room or clubhouse.

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Changing Locks And Indoor Security Device Installs

Upon moving into your condo, they usually come with 24/7 security services. There are fire alarms, sprinkler, and CCTV cameras in common areas like the hallway or elevator. Your unit should also have alarms and cameras for added security and protection. However, you should decide whether these extra devices should be installed in your unit or not. Security experts suggest that it is best to change the locks and also install new deadbolts. But you should check with your lessor first before you do any holes on your doors and walls.

Clearance Before Mounting Furnitures

Just like changing the door locks or installing other security devices, your lessor should know about the changes that you want to make, even though they are shelves, cabinets, or chandelier. If you already own the unit, it is best that a professional do all this for you to make sure that you are not hitting any electrical wirings.

Know Where Your Circuit Braker And Water Valve

The circuit breaker box and the water valves are the first things that you have to check when moving into a condo, whether you are renting or buying it. It is important that you know where the electrical fuses are located in your home. Also, you have to familiarize yourself of the location of your water and gas valves. You should learn how to shut them off when necessary, especially if you are going away for days.

Now that you have this checklist, you are more than ready to move into your condo and start enjoying the popular ‘condo-living.’ Moving into a new home can be overwhelming, especially for first-timers. But if you have a checklist on what you should do, then you are in good hands.