Your roof won’t last forever, but that’s no reason not to take steps to insure that it lasts for as long as it can, with regular maintenance. Even if you take simple steps, they will go along way to providing long term protection. Remember, your roof is working for you night and day and it’s only fair that you give it something back. It’s the protector of your home and family and protects you on a daily basis from the wind, cold and rain. If you take care of your roof, then it will help keep the heat in the house in Winter and also help to keep the house cool in Summer.

roof restoration

Remember To Look Up.

A good roof says a lot about your property, and many of us don’t think to look up occasionally and see how good it makes our house look. By not looking up, you don’t see what’s going on up there and so don’t know about any issues, until they are big issues. Plants grow up there, moss and dirt congregates there also and they make your home look terrible. Maybe it’s time you got a professional to look at it, and in Perth, roof restoration companies are there to help. Getting your roof maintained on a regular basis, has been the key to it lasting a long time.


Get these companies around to make sure your gutters are free from leaves, dead birds and other matter, that accumulate inside them. When the gutter is blocked up, then the rest of your roofing system suffers, due to rust. Blocked gutters mean roof leaks and roof leaks mean the inside of your house is now affected. If there are any branches hanging over or close to your house, get them cut or trimmed because they will damage your roof tiles over a period of time.

Stormy Weather.

If Perth has a rather strong storm, then this is the right time to get your roof looked over. Stormy weather can loosen roof tiles, flashings and ridges, and so can cause leaks. Don’t think of going up onto your own roof to check, get the roofing experts out, to give you a professional assessment. If you do experience some leaks, this is usually an indication that there is something wrong up there and you need to get it looked at. Unless you are an expert, don’t go up onto the roof yourself, call a professional roofing contractor in the Perth area.

Pressure Clean.

Many roofing contractors offer a high pressure cleaning service after they repair your roof and this is an excellent idea to maintain the new look of your roof and protect its life span. Moss and often algae, are on your roof tiles and they absorb moisture, which will eventually rot your roof tiles. A good roofing company in Perth will replace any tiles, make sure roof flashings are all secure, repair any leaks, give the roof a power washing and then seal it with a quality sealer like Dulux.  Look out for these companies and try to find a company who will stand over their work. Some companies in the Perth area guarantee their work for up to ten years.

So, if your roof needs some tender loving care, get it done and get it done properly by experienced, registered roofing restoration companies. It’s your home, so take care of it.