If you are planning to move, you should investigate first the particular areas you might be interested in living or you can alternatively contact a real estate agent to show you different areas based on your preference, needs, and lifestyle. Moving to another area is overwhelming and finding the right condo or apartment can be challenging.

If you want a change in scenery, the perfect place to move is Bukit Timah, particularly in Mayfair Gardens Showflat. Bukit Timah is derived from a Malay word that means, “tin hill. In fact, it is considered the highest point in Singapore having the longest road spanning 25 kilometers from North to South. Here’s what makes Bukit Timah a good place to live:

It is home to rainforests
If you do not want the hustle bustle of the CBD (Central Business District), Bukit Timah is a good place to live. The area boasts of high concentration of rainforests and tropical greenery. This is the main reason why many people love the area. In fact, the area is home to the most diverse ecological systems in Singapore – The Bukit Timah Nature Reserve, which covers 163 hectares of land.

It has historical significance
Bukit Timah is not just a residential area with a nature reserve, it is also a place filled with history. You should know that it is the place where British troops took the last stand against the Japanese occupiers. The place has this Old Ford Motor Factory, which is the first Ford vehicle assembly plant in Southeast Asia.  This was the site where the British surrendered to the Japanese in 1942.

Not only that, Bukit Timah is also known for its railway station. This railway station was owned by KTP Malaysia. It opened in 1903. It was rebuilt in 1932 and was considered the Singapore-Johor Bahru Intercity mainline. However, it remained a crossing loop in 1940’s after the Jurong line was closed. The railway station eventually closed in 2011. Now it is considered a conservation building.

It has many establishments

Bukit Timah is good for retirees, expats with families, couples without children, and professionals. The place has many good schools including a number of international schools. Aside from that, the area boasts of restaurants, grocery stores or markets, banks, nightlife options, fitness options and shops. You will find here the Pasarbella Farmer’s Market – an open-concept market. International and local traders gather here to offer unique and premium products.

The median home rent and home price
Bukit Timah is 9.8 kilometers far from the CBD. It takes 40 to 50 minutes by transit and 15 to 45 minutes by car. When you think about it, it is not that far from the city but you get to enjoy nature. The best part is the home rent or home price is cheaper than other areas. For example, if you rent a 2 bedrooms apartment, it will cost an average monthly rental fee of SGD 3,250. If you buy a 2 bedrooms condo unit, the average home price is SGD 1.7 million.

With these, you will surely love everything in Bukit Timah.