A BTO flat (Build to Order) is an HDB flat wherein the construction takes place if 65 to 70 percent of the flat apartments have been booked. People planning to buy new apartments usually invest in BTO flats; the flats are issued to the rightful owner within 4 to 5 years after constructing the buildings. There are different types of BTO flats, such as two rooms, three rooms, four rooms, five rooms, and even studio apartments. Once the owner receives the flat, they renovate the flat to make it feel more like home. Renovating a house is a complicated process and requires a huge fund source, so you must make sure you select the right bto renovation package.

Things to consider before opting for renovation packages

  • HDB Flats have a different set of rules and regulations that have to be complied with before opting for the HDB flats’ renovation. The essential thing to consider is to check the registration of the contractor. The contractor or the interior designer you choose to renovate your BTO flats needs to be registered to carry out HDB renovation work; otherwise, the work done will be considered unauthorized by the HDB.
  • Before starting with the entire renovation process, the contractor needs to submit an electronic renovation application, a copy of the signed acknowledgment form on behalf of the owner to get the approval of HDB for renovation.
  • According to the HDB guidelines, there is a three-year restriction against the renovation of bathroom floors and BTO flats’ walls. The BTO flats floors and walls come with a waterproof membrane coated, which prevents the water from seeping from one flat to the other.
  • The owners can ask their contractors to renovate the floor or walls by placing the tile over the existing ones according to the owner’s preference, but the walls and floors can’t be renovated from scratch for almost three years.
  • As of 2015, the HDB guidelines have made changes in the flooring pattern of the BTO flats. The floors of the BTO flats must use pre-packed cement screed on dry areas, namely the floors and the walls of living rooms and bedrooms.
  • The renovation package needs to compile with the HDB guidelines for the security of the entire building. One of the common demands during renovation is to get rid of the connecting walls in the BTO flats. The removal of any wall within the flat needs the approval of HDB as the HDB needs to make sure whether or not any modifications will weaken the building’s structural integrity. Hence the HDB demands submission of all the proposed plans regarding the renovation work.