There are limitless reasons homeowners and business operators consider investing in granny flats. Homeowners add these rooms to their homes to get more living spacing for their elderly parents and kids who require mild assistance and monitoring.  Business operators add these rooms to their business premises to add more spacing to ease business expansion. No matter the reason for installing granny flats, getting the projects handled by a custom home builder like come with tons of benefits.

Safety Granny Flat Designs And Integrations

When building granny flats, you want all your suggested ideas and design solutions to be added seamlessly. That means you won’t tolerate mistakes. The best thing with working with custom home builders like is that they have all the expertise and experience to make sure they install your granny flats with all the granny flat designs and safety features you desire.  They will integrate common safety features such as safety bars, ramps, security cameras, floor level lighting and much more. They will also be able to add all other safety features you request. In short, they have what it takes to make your granny flats exactly the way you want them to be.

granny flat designs

Offer Customized Granny Flat Designs And Layouts

Customized granny flats are added with the most outstanding style layouts and designs to match your preferences. The only problem with customized granny flat designs is that they are hard to set up and require extra expertise. When you hire a talented team of custom home builders like the ones found at, they will work with you to make sure they deliver the best granny flat layout that meets and exceeds your demands and preferences. Regardless of whether you want an open layout for your kitchen area and living room with no divider or bar, they will make sure they deliver exactly that and add more features. As well, if you are looking for a bathroom that includes a larger entrance door and added with the features such as wheelchair accessible shower or walk-in shower, the team will make sure that they deliver more than that.

Multiple Choices Of Adaptable Living Solutions

As your young ones keep growing, their health will keep on changing so the need for better adaptable living options.  As well, as your elderly parent keeps growing older, their health will become weaker hence the need for them to get better assistant living solutions.  This obviously means that you will need to redesign your home to match their special health needs. For instance, you will need a design plan including a glass door for the back area in your home to it easier to access. The good thing about qualified home designers is that they will redesign your home and add adaptable granny flat designs that will make your home a better place for your elderly parents and kids.  As long as you hire a qualified team of home designers, you can rest assured that your home will be redesigned to match your personal preferences and give you the best value for money.