Development is why change happens. It’s not a question of whether or not development is good, safe or bad. Its all about changing with the hopes of getting better or keeping up with the times. Old factories get demolished to be replaced with a far more advanced facility, mobile phones are no longer weighing about a kilo in your hand, snail mail has been replaced by emails and instant messaging. The whole point is that everything will change.

There is this certain feeling that people feel when they see old places. It’s magical, majestic and beautiful because of the simpleness and how the designs were geared towards. When you visit Hong Kong it’s not about the place in general but the experience. Although it’s doused with a ton of modern comfort, Hong Kong has never forgotten its roots and one apartment in particular even made sure that their guests will experience the old Hong Kong (with modern comfort).

Why should you opt for such an apartment? When you travel it’s not just about going to places in order to eat foods that you see in travel shows or go to places that are featured in many TV specials. Traveling is an experience not just in food and places to stroll, but also culturally and even spiritually to some. With a ton of diversities in Hong Kong, you will surely have your fill of such an experience and if you want that complete experience, apartment O has an offering for you.

luxury serviced apartment Hong Kong

Their offerings: You will never fell short in experiencing the old Hong Kong or Shanghai as far as their rooms are concerned. Their rooms will give you that unique experience that would seem like you traveled back in time to visit the old Shanghai apartment and luxury serviced apartment Hong Kong. Below are the offerings each has its own unique features that you will be interested in:

  • Old Shanghai
  • Old Hong Kong
  • Signature Design

It’s in a good spot: The apartment isn’t just culturally sound but also strategically placed, enabling one to be able to access a ton of places. From shopping malls, recreational places, transportation, supermarkets, pharmacies, and hospitals.

Shopping Malls

  • Lee Garden
  • Lee Theatre
  • SOGO
  • Time Square
  • Hysan Place
  • Windsor House
  • World Trade Center


  • South China Athletic Association
  • Victoria Park
  • Happy Valley Racecourse
  • Hong Kong Stadium
  • Fitness Centre


  • MTR
  • Taxi readily available across the street
  • Direct buses or minibus:
  • 15 mins to Central
  • 10 mins to Admiralty
  • 25 mins to The Peak
  • 30 mins to Stanley Market
  • 25 mins to Repulse Bay

Supermarket & Convenience Stores

  • City Super
  • Gourmet
  • Wellcome
  • 7-Eleven
  • Circle K

Personal Care & Pharmacy

  • Manning’s
  • Watson’s
  • Sa Sa


  • Paul’s Hospital
  • Hong Kong Sanatorium & Hospital

If you want to experience a classic Hong Kong there is an apartment located in Causeway Bay’s Hoi Ping Road. What makes it unique is that its vintage-inspired, giving you a vintage experience as to how Shanghai or Hong Kong apartments were designed back in the day. Visit today.