Catching rats is a tough task. You can’t just simply go and get hold of a rat. It’s a very difficult option. You cannot get enough techniques everywhere you go. Rats can spread wild diseases and they are very dangerous and harmful. They move around very easily at our stores and homes without much worry. They are not afraid of anything and can spread dangerous diseases and spoil your grains.

Killing rats is very important as they multiply very quickly. You won’t realise hi a single rat just produced a whole family within a short period. So you should be extra careful about them. As you are concerned about well being of your health and your families health you should take preventive steps quickly and kill the rats.

They roam around in great speed so it becomes a difficult job to catch them. And they mostly come out during night times when you are asleep to create havoc. It becomes more difficult to catch a rat at night. They can spoil your food and you may get infected.

Various options are available to kill these rats and the best one is, killing using the best rat bait.

Create a rat trap on the corners of the house on the floor. Select places where you are likely to find rats and kill them. Using colorful areas will attract the rat to those traps. Scatter some food grains near the bait. Usually, try sticky foods as they are attracted more to these foods. Scattering food near the bait will help in attracting the rat near the field. Laying the best trap is necessary to kill the rats. They can sense the human smell very well. So you need to be careful about leaving any traces. To cover up human smell adds extra food materials. They remember the spaces and things very well so they can identify new items very easily.

Best rat bait options available are:


Using Peanut butter is the top option. Many people stick to this age-old trick as it is very helpful and useful. It’s one of the successful tips. Try using bacon, hot dogs or any other meat option. Rats like to eat meat and they get easily attracted to it. Nuts like peanuts, almonds, pecan are also a reasonable option. Many rats get attracted to these nuts and lose their lives. Placing cheese as the rat bait is also a very good choice. It is super sticky, cheap and always available at home.  You can use various cheese options like soft cheese, brie, Camembert etc. You can also try sunflower seeds, pumpkin seeds, bird food wet cat food, wet dog food, etc. They are also attractive and nice smelling.