No matter if you’re moving from one neighborhood to another or to a completely different state, it’s always better to hire a moving agency that’s local to your current living place. If you’re living in the state of New Jersey, you have over 650 option to choose from.

Most of them are located in and around Jersey City and operate also in New York City and some are more inland. Based on the experience of their customers and depending on the professionalism and equipment, we created this list of the 5 best moving companies in Jersey. Read on, and see what we picked.

Catlow Movers

Catlow movers is a family company with tradition. It’s been around on the market for decades and still operates with success. The commitment to the client is what makes them great. They still have those old trucks that look vintage but gets the job done without any problems. Of course, not only old equipment is a part of their equipment. How else would they succeed for so many years if they never accepted technology?

They offer household and commercial moving and will help you with everything connected to the process. From wrapping up your belongings to transporting everything from one place to another.  They never leave a client unsatisfied and this is what makes the great.

Gibraltar Van Lines

Gibraltar Van Lines are a moving company with over 45 years of experience. Located in Montclair, NJ, they offer moving to short distances but also long distance moving with trucks that are amazingly long vehicles and are able to get inside all your belongings.

On their web page you can contact them 24/7 which shows that even though the company is founded in times when the internet wasn’t around, they still adapt to new ways and are able to be close to the clients at all times. They are from New Jersey but are highly experienced and specialists for moving from Texas, California, Florida, and Arizona. Coast to Coast moving is what they do best and they are very proud of it.

Jersey Movers

Based in Hoboken, NJ, the Jersey Movers operate in the state of New Jersey but also in New York. They are a modern-type company with great vehicles and lots of surprises for their clients. For example, this winter they were giving away Dunkin Donuts coupons for their customers. Also, they offer coverings for the furniture that is free of charge. This means that you can enjoy a day at Dunkin Donuts and have fun around town, and at the end of the day just move to another location.

Kerb NJ Professional

Located between Manhattan and Newark, in East Rutherford, the Kerb professional movers are a company that offers many options. They have local and long-distance moving but also car moving option. This means you can completely rely on them and let them take your home and transfer it to another place without you doing anything at all. They also have a trust cam so you can see how your things are being moved.

Strongmile Movers

Strongmile Movers offer quotes 24/7. They provide all kinds of moving services. Moving pianos, senior-type moving with no problem, and long distance moving too. They are based in Metuchen, NJ, but operate on the area of New York too. Probably the best option they have is the ability for their customers to ask for some service that’s not listed. This basically means that if you have special requests about the movement, you can ask the team to do it for you. Of course, it’s a matter of normal needs, not asking for the moon.