As you decide to remodel your bathroom, a lot of factors come into play. Here at Downey bathroom remodeling you’d get a lot of help with renovation tips. Below given are some of the common tips that would help people in renovating their bathrooms in the best ways possible.

1.Be wise in choosing the flooring

While wooden flooring looks absolutely amazing, it could be a bad idea for a bathroom. However, bathroom remodeling Reseda would suggest getting the wood properly sealed if at all you want to get wooden flooring. This will make your bathroom floor durable and prevent it from needing another renovation soon

2.Color of the bathroom

The first thing that you should keep in mind is- if your bathroom is small, lighter colors, like white and cream are safest options. Lighter colors have the magic of making your bathroom space seem bigger than it actually is. Choose darker or brighter colors only when you think your bathroom space is fairly big enough.


If you are thinking long term, you would want to choose light colored fixtures. Darker ones do undoubtedly look good, but they start looking old very soon. However, if looks are your priority, darker ones are a good option for your bathroom.

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Bathroom is a space where you need a lot of lighting. Having dim lights in the bathroom can be really irritating. This is why you should have proper lighting in the bathroom, in proper intervals. It is also a good idea to have a light fixed right above your mirror.

5.Smart cabinets

To save space and to make your bathroom look bigger, bathroom remodeling contractors Reseda can help you build cabinets that don’t take up all the space in the world. For this, you should choose wall mounted cabinets instead of buying vanity. Also, you can get a pedestal sink that can let you store a number of things you’d need.

6.Have more hooks

Instead of creating cabinets, for a bathroom that has very less space, you can choose to have hooks to hang towels and clothes. But here, instead of storing all the towels in your bathroom, you would be doing so in your closet or something. This will help you build a lot of extra space that cabinets would otherwise take up.

7.Think mirrors

Mirrors make your bathroom feel more lit. Also, they make your bathroom space seem bigger. Since mirrors don’t just mean checking yourself out in the bathroom or examining your face, be wise about installing mirrors in your bathroom.

Bathroom remodel company Reseda helps remodeling and renovating bathrooms. Whether you need a high-end bathroom or a compact and reasonable remodeling, it has a lot to offer. While you choose the design, you can depend on the designers to make it even better.