Looking for a cleaning service? Well, here at MaidBunch we have all the solutions for you. We have three ways of cleaning services which will fit according to your requirement. Our maid services are designed according to your requirements only so that your work becomes easy that’s why we have come up with three different options for you which are standard cleaning, custom cleaning and move in/ out cleaning. All these three options have totally different facilities to suit your requirements.

Standard cleaning services – this is the most demanded cleaning services here in the Toronto area. According to our research team this standard cleaning service, we guarantee that your home, apartment or condo gets a complete remavp with our best cleaning services. Booking a standard service with MaidBunch is very easy. We have made this process very easy for you so that within a few minutes you can book cleaning services for you. Our standard services will get you rid of all the bacterias in your house along with the dirty germs obviously. This will altogether will lead to vanish your stress. Make yourself comfortable and leave behind all the dirty works on us and here at MaidBunch, we will handle everything. Here we have amazing offers for you to reach us today.

Custom cleaning services – we have this special offer for those who do not want to get their whole house cleaned. We have made this offer so that we can cover all types of customers and we are we here at Maid Bunch are the top cleaning service providers in the city who offer this unique and amazing offer for you. In this special offer, you can select individual places for which you want cleaning services it may be your kitchen cabinet, wardrobe, bathroom or even your freezer also. Everything is covered by us under this plan. MaidBunch is the leading cleaning service provider in the Toronto area. We understand your need that all these small cleaning work is also very important to live a healthy and good life. We have amazing offers waiting for you in this offer and it is very easy to reach us for all your cleaning problems. Just call us and your appointment is done with us it’s that easy.

Move in/ out cleaning –this is the much-needed service provided by us for all those people who are moving in or out from an apartment, home or condo. Whether you are moving out or in this cleaning thing is like a big burden on the head and here at MaidBunch,we understand your concern that’s why we have come up with this option which can take away all your burdens. Just come to us and we will solve all your mess and will make your place totally clean, beautiful and healthy living place.