Leading a luxury and pleasant life with lots of facilities and availabilities is still a far cry for family dwellings. Here is a petit jervois condo to make your dreams come true with its design and construction to settle with every family wants and needs. The location is situated at central place of Singapore which is more advantageous and beneficial for homebuyers. As it has more accommodating facilities as transportation, amenities, schools, supermarkets, restaurants, café etc,. a spacious luxury living is made possible very easily. Even a incentive schemes and discounts are released for a limited period.

Luxury facilities around a location:

Unlike apartments, condo units are owned outright rather than leased by their tenants. In addition the individual unit owners own their common property areas as well for their utilisation. Transportation from one place to another place can be made easier and quicker with the highway facilities from the condo with its large pedestrian entrances. A multi-storey car parking facilities with electronic parking system and proximity card access provides security features. Convenient shops, cafes and restaurants are available for the food lovers. With the available supermarkets, entertainment centres and retail shops people can gain lots of shopping experience and entertainment. Even many parks are available to enjoy the weekends with their family for the nature lovers.

petit jervois condo

Place to start education and business:

At petit Jervois Condo, schooling of children and starting a business can be made easier. There are many schools to enrol the children education starting from their preschool level followed by higher secondary schools, where children can nurture their discipline, dignity, respect, resilience, etc,. Besides, children can expose their knowledge in various competitions as youth innovation and challenging explorer competition. With these opportunities students can mould and shape their knowledge easily. As the condo is located at the centre of Singapore, trade and transportation for business development is made comfortable. The upcoming MRT stations by 2021 year will be used to connect many types of woodland to estates and towns, striving business is more convenient.

Direct access for the basic needs:

As the condominium is providing attractive perks and direct discounts, up graders and home seekers can make condo as their dream place to live. Being as a best selling point immediate accommodation is made accessible where it is located near to the orchard shopping district. With the of ease of settling family and children, you can enjoy all finer things with your family. Further the Jervoius garden is planned to extend to five-storey walk up blocks with 60 units of 850 square feet. Hence many buyers and home seekers are more interested in buying this condominium. Thus Petit Jervois Condo helps to lead a spaceful and luxuries life with its marvellous facilities and availabilities.