Moving to a new place welcomes in a lot of surprises. Some surprises make you excited, while some come in more of a shock. The first shocked that comes in is the trouble that moving the whole thing causes you. Even if you book a mover there are a lot of worries to still have to suffer. The basic one among this is the money that would be induced in the moving. The thing that determines the money you need to pay is the estimates of the moving. Let get deeper into it.

A detail of estimate

The estimate is the paper that says to you and the company what would be the cost depending on the shipment that would be taking place. After the estimate is made the movers will give a contract that will say what type of estimate that is sent to you. You will also get a Bill of Lading contract along with the estimate. If you are to make a contract for a long distance then it should contain your name and address of the mover, the weight of the shipment, the miles to be traveled, the transportation charges, the parking fees, the insurances (if any) along with other services.

Well, the overall cost to be considered should be apart from the mover’s cost. Include the cost of cardboard boxes, markers, cello tapes. If you are moving in peak times then your charges will be higher.

Going Deeper into Estimates in Moving

How is the estimation done?

Abnormal estimation could lead to instability of you mind looking into the cost of the move. Hence, the estimate you receive is very important to bring peace to you. The best way to have a perfect estimation is don’t play hide and seek with your movers. Show them everything so that they get an idea of the move and make an approximate estimate. The more you show them the better will be the estimate. For them who wants to calculate the estimate themselves here is are two estimates discussed.

  • Long-Distance move: this move completely depends on the weight of the shipments. The distance of the move is also used to calculate the price. You also have to pay for their fooding in such a long distance.
  • Short-Distance moves: At a short distance, you are to pay according to the hour. However, the number of movers and the size of the trucks are also considered.

In addition, the locations are also checked before making the estimates. The more he works the greater would be the charges. If the movers have to use a number of stairs then the charges would increase too.


There are a lot of movers that give an exact estimate like umzug zürich. They will make your move smooth and safe.