Keeping your home secured and safe when you’re away is sometimes difficult, especially if you have pets. This is why many Australian residents prefer to hire a pet-friendly house sitter. There are plenty of pets who prefer to stay at home rather than be in a kennel whenever their owners go away. This makes most homeowners worry.

  • History Of Responsible Behavior. If you can, hire someone with a mutual connection like a referral. If for example, you are looking for a sitter through an agency or a website, make sure that you read reviews to make sure that this person meets your standards.
  • Experience Is A Must. Nobody wants to hire someone to look after their dogs or cats and do not have the experience similar to this job. Knowing that this person has done this before, there is a huge chance that you will return to your home in a better condition than how it was when you left. Someone who had the experience in caring for other homes should be aware of the nuances that can give you peace of mind.
  • Look Online. There are sites like where you can register for an account if you will be needing a house sitter. This is one of the safest ways to go, especially if you do not know that many people in your neighborhood to ask for references.home pets

What To Do After Finding A House Sitter 

Once you found your match, there are still some things that you need to think of before you leave your pets and your home to your chosen house sitter. Here are some of the things that you have to do to make sure that you and your sitter are on the same page.

  • Establish Familiarity. Before you head out, make sure that a few days before your schedule you invite your sitter over for a walk-through. You should be able to spend even just a short time giving them a tour of your home and explaining anything that you think they need to know. Mention about your home technology like your remotes, garage openers, stereo systems. A/C, and so on. Also, ensure that you provide necessary information to anything that your sitter would most likely use. Never assume that they would know where to find them!
  • Guests, Sleeping Area, And Food. If you are or you are not comfortable with your sitters’ guests coming over while you are away, make sure that they have a full understanding of that. Also, ensure that you have prepared a room where your sitter would sleep especially if you will be away for days. When it comes to the food that they can have access to, let them know that your fridge is free range or if you prefer for your sitter to provide for his or her own meals, that should be cleared out as well.
  • Set Your Expectations. During your first walkthrough, this is the best opportunity to set expectations with your sitter. Make sure that you communicate your standards not only verbally, but also in writing. Create a simple home instruction guide for your sitter, like a list of the tasks that you want them to accomplish while you are away.

Searching for a trusted house sitter is not easy knowing that you will put your pets’ and your house’ safety into the strangers’ hands, is not something that most of us are comfortable of doing. But if we have to, this leaves us with no choice but to make sure that we find the best one. If you are one of us, then take note of some simple tips mentioned above to help you find the best house sitter in Australia.