As the temperature continues to drop across Australia and working from home is still encouraged despite the gradual easing of coronavirus lock down measures, Aussies can benefit from having a cosy home. Specifically, a cosy reading nook where you can unwind and lose yourself between the pages of a book for a couple of hours would be perfect right now.

Fortunately, creating a reading nook isn’t that challenging. Whether you had your home builders construct a dedicated reading room in your home or you’re re purposing an empty space, you can design a cosy corner using the tips below.

Cosy Reading Corner

1. Find a quiet spot

Having a cosy reading corner is like finding the perfect home. You want it to be in a peaceful and quiet place. This is why peace and privacy are two of the most important elements of a cosy reading nook. You don’t want to be so immersed in the world of wizards and witches only to be interrupted by the blare of an ARF match from the television. So, make sure the reading nook you will choose is situated in a quiet corner of the house. If you have a basement or attic, they would make for a perfect reading nook.

2. Add a seating option

What is a reading nook without something to comfortably lie back on as you furiously flip pages? If you’re by the window, take this opportunity to install a window seat. If your nook is against a wall, you can place a comfortable couch, chaise lounge or beanbag on your reading corner. Pick something that’s long enough to stretch your body out, but small enough to feel like you’re being cocooned, for added comfort.

3. Make it comfortable

Having a couch or a bench is good and all, but you can make it better by adding throw pillows and blankets. Choose pillow covers and blankets that are made from soft and lightweight fabrics like fleece. You can also place a thick, fuzzy rug on the floor to achieve maximum comfort. Adding scented candles or diff-users with your favorite scents can also enhance your comfort while reading. With these additions, your reading corner can feel like a warm, comfortable hug, perfect for when a book is about to make you cry.