Teak is resistant hardwood with many unique properties. It is usually used for outdoor furniture because it is very durable and very resistant to the elements. Teak wood furniture can last for decades or even centuries with regular cleaning and maintenance. This is possible because wood contains a large amount of natural oil, which helps to fight mold. It also makes wood resistant to pests and even to a certain extent to moisture. Anyone who has teak outdoor furniture will want to take a few steps to make sure it stays in good condition throughout the year.

Many people allow teak outdoor furniture to age without stains, oils and surface coatings. This course of action requires the least amount of maintenance. The tick will gradually turn into a natural silver color as the oils disperse in the wood. The only maintenance that furniture will need is periodic cleaning and some common sense to avoid damage from humidity and temperature changes. Tick ​​should be completely cleaned at least once every two to three months during active use.

teak furniture

Part of the maintenance of outdoor teak furniture is regular wood cleaning.

During the week, furniture can be quickly cleaned using only water from a hose or bucket. Deeper cleaning involves using clean water mixed with a small amount of chlorine or liquid to wash dishes. Furniture surfaces should be wiped with a soft towel, non-abrasive sponge or soft brush. This will remove leftovers and any mold or mildew spots that have developed. Spots can be sanded with fine sandpaper. Waste such as sap that sticks to the surface can be removed with thin steel wool and a light touch.

Teakwood grease does not improve the durability of wood, although it can retain the original warm brown color. Lubricate outdoor furniture needed every year to maintain color. Furniture lubrication involves cleaning the surface, and then apply teak oil on wood oil. Oil should be allowed to stand for some time to soak up the wood. The next step is to apply a sealant to protect the furniture. Some people even apply an ultraviolet-resistant top coat to avoid changing the color of the sun throughout the year. If the oil and coating are allowed to disappear after one year, the tick will start to disappear and turn into silver.

Durable and resistant to damage

Although outdoor teak furniture is very durable and resistant to damage, it is still vulnerable to seasonal conditions. Maintaining outdoor teak furniture means storing wood in places with a lot of water. Stagnant water in abundance or days of heavy rain can lead to the formation of mold on the grain. Very wet areas can cause wood rot. Extreme temperature changes will cause wood to expand and contract. This may cause cracks. Furniture should be protected from significant temperature fluctuations between seasons and away from areas that contain excessive moisture.