To sell quickly your house or apartment, it’s very easy: just put it at a very attractive price! What? Do not want to sell your house or apartment? You are also right! But then how to sell a property quickly without too much lowering its selling price? What is the middle ground between overpricing (and therefore no salesman) and a good price at which housing will sell fast enough?

Important criteria to quickly sell your house or apartment

If for the purchase of house or apartment, the 3 most important criteria are: location, location, and location, for a quick sale of your home, the 3 most important criteria are the price, the price and still the price! No matter the state of the real estate market and the current real estate situation, there are always real estate transactions that are done! Properly positioning your selling price is essential for selling the property quickly and easily. Of course, each individual wants to sell as much as possible his house or apartment. It’s a human feeling, but you have to learn to disregard it and judiciously set your selling price to sell fast while not reducing its claims too much. Overestimation can cost you a lot – a lot of money, a lot of time and even more. Some time we buy houses for cash from Fast house selling.

Case study for the sale of an apartment

 Take the example of an apartment for sale. After a quick search on real estate listings sites, you have spotted several apartments for sale in your neighborhood that looks like yours. The presentation prices of these apartments are in the range between 300 000 € and 350 000 €. Two of these apartments are displayed at just over € 400,000. What is the price at which you will set your selling price to sell quickly? We will see that depending on this you will determine the percentage of chance of a quick sale.

The positioning of the price about the market

From estimating the price of your apartment will depend on your ability to sell quickly. As two apartments are displayed at a little over 400 000 €, you think you can get at least 420 000 € from yours and this is the price you will offer. Bad news for you: you have less than 1% chance of selling in the next 6 months! And yes, you are going to have a lot of trouble finding someone who buys your apartment at this price while several other similar apartments are offered much cheaper. And if you put it at 350,000 €, the top of the range of sales price? It’s already more seller, but your chances of selling in less than 6 months are only 40%. If you want to put the odds on your side and have a 99% chance of seeing your property be bought in less than 6 months, place it at 300 000 € or a little less. The first buyer who will look for this type of property will have every reason to choose your apartment and not that of the neighbor!