Installing Roller Blinds In Your Calabasas Home

If you decide on installing roller blinds for your Calabasas residence, you may be wondering whether it is essential for getting professional help, or should you do it yourself. By now, you must have already heard, installing a roller blind is comparatively easy. Still, for someone who has no experience handling DIY projects, some help or guidance is mandatory. This step-by-step guide should instill confidence in you to do so.

Decide the perfect blind

Generally, you will see, roller blinds are installed inside the window frame. However, exceptions are possible, i.e. you can fit them above or outside the frame also. Even before you buy the blind, decide where you want to place the blinds. Place the blind against the window, and identify the place where you want to put the brackets, and mark those areas.

Take horizontal measurements for determining the distance of the space from one point to the other. Once you complete these initial steps, you are ready to buy roller blinds. Here again, decide on purchasing a blind that fits accurately on the space you measured. Sometimes, you might not get the exact fit, go for a larger blind, as it can be cut later.

Steps for placing the blind

Apparently, there will be a chain that will hang down. Select the side you want it to hang. The decision should be influenced by the ease of convenience. The next step will be determining the manner in which you want the blinds to roll. Usually, roller blinds can either roll under or over the roller. By default, it is positioned to roll under the roller. Select the one that makes way for easier access.

Installing Roller Blinds In Your Calabasas Home

Get ready with a hand drill for securing the brackets. When you purchase the roller blinds, the brackets should come with it. Tighten the screws of the bracket properly, and ensure it holds the blind firmly. You should strictly follow the instruction manual that comes with the blinds. Remember, each blind is different, so the fitting part may differ too.

Time to hang the roller blind

As mentioned earlier, if the roller blind is large, you must cut it to fit it in the given space. After removing the blind from the roller, measure again to determine the exact portion you need to cut. Make a line with a pencil and cut it vertically, and reattach the fabric to the roller. Be mindful to secure the fabric horizontally fits in the roller, else it will not roll properly.

Once done, you can now wedge the blind into the previously installed brackets. Lastly, lock the chain to the wall with the screws that come with the blind. Often chains tend to hang loosely beside the blind, do not take it is as a big issue. It will not make things difficult for you. That’s it, you have successfully installed the roller blinds at your Calabasas home.

Some additional aspects of importance

1. Infrequently, you might find difficulty shortening the length of the blind if it is attached to the top of the pole with a sticky adhesive. The solution, you should carefully remove the adhesive and place it on the edge of the right length. Now, you are free to cut the unwanted length. You can use staples to make it robust.

Installing Roller Blinds In Your Calabasas Home

2. Untangling the blind leads is also another common problem. Search for a plastic piece responsible for keeping the beads connected. Open it gently using a knife, take care not to break it. After opening them, you can extract the beads, and remove the tangles for fitting it again.

3. If you are curious, whether you can drill the bracket mounting holes at an angle, the answer is no. The head of the screw does not flush based on the bracket. Rather the screws support the blind weight upright.

4. If you find it challenging, stopping the blind on the door from flapping when someone tries to open the door, you should opt for typical doors sporting magnetic bottoms. This way, it will stay at the bottom. Thus, there is no risk of the blinds swaying during the opening and closing of the door.