If a tree is only four feet, not much thicker and is in a clear land space, it is very much simpler to cut it. But when the tree is so tall and thick; leaning over dangerous construction space, bridge, roadways or waterways and is heavily damaged with storm or other reasons, an expert is needed to carefully plan and cut the tree with proper equipment. 

What Are The Things Needed?

First and foremost requirement is an arborist, who is certified and has good experience in handling wide variety of trees. Next is the plan on how the tree is going to be cut and removed from the property. Then the equipments required for cutting process such as chain saw, safety equipment like glasses, leg protection high boots and helmets for the personnel who climb the trees to cut them, 1000 pound test rope, flip lines, lanyards, harnesses and saddles, tree climbing clothing, etc needs to be kept ready to enable safety and comfortable working of the arborist.

local tree cutters

Preparations For Cutting A Tree

First step is to determine how tall the tree is and the direction in which tree should be made to fall. Tying ropes on the tree at the middle and other two locations below and above the middle portion of the tree. Clearing the area where tree trunks and branches cut off from the tree would fall and removing people and possessions from that region is also must.  While cutting the tree, make shallow v-shaped notch on the side where tree should fall, move to other side and slowly cut three until the notch is met. Then the tree would start falling and move away in 45 degree angle from the tree for safety. Sometimes, tree doesn’t fall or maybe caught in other tree or lean down on wall of building etc. It is important to note that once you cut tree and then t doesn’t fall, you should not use chain saw again. Use only ropes and push and pull till it completely falls down. Cut them into small logs and remove using a vehicle. This is how the local tree cutters plan and cut the tree using simple equipments.

Safety Measures For Arborist

Climbing big narrow trees is not a simple thing to do and especially while cutting them, it is essential to take as much safety precautions. The arborists use reinforced and adjustable positioning lanyard and spikes or spurs to brace their feet against tree and to keep them in place. A micro flip, rope made of cable core is used for dismantling tree and with help of a prussic hitch chokes the tree trunk and help in protecting the arborist from splitting of trunk while they are up the tree. Many other protective gears and equipments are also used with these to ensure safe cutting and removal of trees by expert arborists.