Having attic insulation is a perfect idea to save your home energy. But it is not all. Sometimes some forget to replace their old attic insulation. And when they ignore it, it is the same as not having any attic insulation. Many people do not know why it is necessary to replace old insulations. We asked an experienced person at a Toronto old insulation removal company to explain to us about reasons.

First of all, let’s see that what happens if there is no attic insulation at home. Without adequate insulation, cold air heats up quickly and wants to join the hot air outside.

The question that may storm to your mind is that is attic insulation suitable for all homes? The short answer is no. not for old houses. Insulation of old houses is an all-or-nothing offer. Just blowing insulation into the wall can cause moisture problems that will rot the wood structure from the inside out. Remember that wood can get wet over and over and over.

There is an insulation that may be incorrectly installed or improperly installed. This situation actually limits airflow efficiency and prevents proper ventilation, especially in areas such as attics. This type of condition can often lead to mold and mildew, and bigger problems. Another common case is when attic insulations can be damaged over time. This is a significant sign that shows old insulations will not be as efficient as they were. The types of attic insulation are also effective in their age. For example, fiberglass batts should be replaced after fifteen to twenty years. Damaged insulation leads to roof leaks, animal pollution, or perhaps smoke damage. In the worst case, the insulation may need to be removed to remove hazardous and sometimes harmful substances such as asbestos-containing vermiculite.

Another reason is to remove insulation during reconstruction or retrofitting. And although new insulation can be installed on the old insulation, removal, and reinforcement during upgrading are recommended for best results. New insulations are progressed and improved with new tools.

When you decide to remove old insulation with a new one, there are some considerations. If you can, use natural materials in areas of the house that have little or no humidity. Cotton, fleece, hemp, and cellulose recycled from newspapers and other natural fibers are among the options. Keep in mind that cellulose insulation will settle over time.

When you are replacing an old insulation with a new one, you should prepare the area in advance. In this regard, a new air barrier or steam barrier may need to be installed. Wool form insulation can also be a good choice due to its durability and flexibility. You can be sure about having a warmer house in winter with wool type. There won’t be any air leakage with the wool insulation.

The Last Word

If your attic insulation is old and not as effective as before, based on the reasons mentioned above, it is reasonable to replace it instead of fixing. In this regard, ask an expert to check your attic and replace it if it is needed.