As we all know, carpets are truly an added attraction and beauty to your space whether it is in your office, or in your home but carpets are known to easily hide stubborn dirt, pet hair, pollutants, and grime which are all not that visible to our naked eye that is why it is important for us to regularly clean our carpets and keep it spotless and healthy to protect ourselves from getting sick.

Regularly or routinely cleaning the carpets is very important, and deep cleaning like steam or wash are both great options to keep your carpets not just clean but smelling fresh. Regular carpet cleaning is one way to improve your space’s overall hygiene and keep your health from harmful pollutants that grew and bred at the carpet’s surface and fibres which may cause allergies and sickness to your family or your employees.

However, since most carpets are huge and thick, it often needed some dedication, time and professional cleaning services to achieve that complete cleanliness it deserves. Sometimes we get frustrated when it takes a lot of hours before a professional carpet cleaning service finishes their work, so it is a great idea to ask them in advance about the amount of time it will take for their service to finish so that you can maximize your time and prevent yourself from waiting.

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If you want to estimate the amount of time your carpet cleaning service will take, you should determine the size of the carpet flooring they need to clean as well as the number of rooms that need to be cleaned and of course the severity of the dirt and stain of the carpet flooring that needs to be removed as well.

If you ask your professional cleaning service about the process of their cleaning session, the most time consuming is the set-up process which starts during the arrival of cleaning team all the way to the start of their cleaning process. Before they clean your carpet your flooring, the cleaners first inspect your carpet flooring and determine which areas of it need the most cleaning and after that, they are off to set up their equipment. This initial process takes about an hour including setting up the equipment. After they successfully set up their equipment, they proceed to clean the carpet flooring which takes 30 minutes to one hour and if you have multiple rooms needed to be cleaned it will take another hour or two. The cleaning process will take longer if there are divisions, furniture, and other stuff that blocks their equipment.


Vacuuming alone cannot remove the bacteria and stubborn dirt that are stuck in your carpet flooring and it is required to have a deeper cleaning process at least once a year. It is important to hire a professional carpet cleaning service rather than doing it your own because these people know their profession very well in that they provide a service more than what you expect. Also, if we clean it on our own, we may use harmful chemicals that could damage the colour, the material and the quality of the carpet, which means, that we do harm than good to our carpet.

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