Ever imagined or dreamed of exploring the world’s most impressive attractions, engaging in exciting activities, and having real fun without breaking your bank? Singapore is the city of hope for you. Visit the Marina Bay Sands or the Singapore Flyer to have a spectacular view of the iconic Singapore skyline. Get to enjoy and do the things you have ever desired while in a new city and get back to a comfortable and affordable short-term serviced apartment.

apartment for rent Singapore

Where to Stay While Exploring Singapore

You can’t be wrong with great rental apartments like ST residences. ST residences is an affordable and luxurious rental apartment where those exploring Singapore and wants a short-term rental home can stay. ST residences was born out of the desire to provide affordable short-term living in a serene and comfortable environment. Having visited Singapore severally and facing real trouble finding quality serviced apartments for a short-term stay, the developers decided to introduce into the market a more comfortable and affordable residential base where everyone touring Singapore can live comfortably for all their short-term stays.

Why Choose ST Residences

Hundreds of thousands of visitors tour Singapore each year, which raises the need to make short-term stays affordable. The non-serviced apartment standard residential rental law requires you pay a two years lease, which means short-term renters are likely to lose huge sums of money paying for places they won’t use long. ST residences came as a solution to the costly and unreliable non-serviced rental apartments.  In your next tour to Singapore, rent a room from these residences and live to tell the benefits of having quality access to a convenient rental home.  So why hasST residences become so popular and the most reliable apartment for rent Singapore short term stays.

  • It eradicates the stress associated with moving to new places. You won’t have to invest thousands buying new furniture, everyday necessities, and setting up utilities.
  • It is conveniently located for easy and quick access through public transport and car.
  • Everything is already set up. Furniture, housekeeping, and utilities are already put in place so you won’t have to invest in these things yourself.
  • You get extra amenities, including swimming pools, BBQ pits, access to a private gym, and more.
  • Quality access to house maintenance solutions, including repair of washing machines, aircon, leaky taps, and more.
  • No need to purchase cutlery, bed sheets, electrical appliances, and other necessities as they are already put in place.


Whether moving in alone or with friends, this short-term rental apartment has the solution to your troubles. Get a rental room easily and quickly without having to pay hefty amounts. Lease a home by filling the form provided on the website correctly. Fill in the dates, budget, and the people to stay in the apartment and then submit it to find out if what you want is available. Wait for about 24 hours for a response and instructions on what to do next.  If your desired rental home is not available, you will be given access to several options to make a choice. Don’t forget to sign up the Tenancy Agreement and pay the first-month advance lease.