One of our basic necessities is a house. It is the place which you can call your own. It is what you can call a fruit of your hardship. A house is not just a fancy mansion or a simple unit but it is a home where precious memories are built. It is really a treasure for us not just because of the material aspect it has but the love created within. It is built with unmeasurable bonding with our family, relatives, and friends which any amount of money cannot buy.

Our homes are indeed important to us so it should be built with strong structures. One of the important parts of a house is the roof. A roof serves as a shield above. It protects our homes from the heat of the sun or rains coming especially from typhoons. A house is not complete without a roof so if you are thinking of having your own home now, choose wisely who will build your roof. However, in choosing what’s best, many questions are always on one’s mind and some are: ‘Where can I find the best roof makers?  ‘ and ‘Who are the roofing contractors near me? ‘

If you are living in Mississippi gulf coast areas like in Biloxi, Gautier, Ocean Springs and Vancleave or nearby the gulf, there is a roofing contractor whom you can trust … that is the Fortenberry Construction  Inc. The corporation is based in Ocean Springs.It is GAF certified, insured and licensed. The company is built on values of integrity, professionalism, and high performance. They offer different  roofing services such as follows:

  1. Full roof replacements
  2. Metal and shingle roof repairs
  3. Custom metal & shingle roofs
  4. Buyer/seller inspections
  5. Flashing: fireplace, fascia, sidewall & sewer vents
  6. Storm damage repairs

The office hours of the said corporation is from seven in the morning until five in the afternoon. It is open from Mondays to Saturdays. If you want to contact them, just drop an email to them at or make a call on them at p: 228.861.8914. Surely, you can be accommodated as fast as possible because one the important core factors of the company is the customer service. They are ensuring that the quality of their work is the finest but at the same time they truly value the importance of customer care.