People are just totally used to call weed terminators every time the Japanese knotweed starts to grow again at their front porch or their backyard without thinking about the cost of it. Well, hiring professionals to remove this invasive species of plant can cost you money which in reality, you can do it on your own.

However, a lot of people would ignore that fact, and still dial their preferred weed terminators to clean up their surroundings from Japanese knotweed knowing that a lot of people nowadays are constantly busy and removing this invasive plant takes a lot of effort and time.

If you are one of those people who wants to save money instead of hiring weed terminators, well, there are actually tons of ways about Japanese knotweed removal with minimal cost. All it takes is good timing.

There are various types of removing the Japanese knotweed that is appropriate for the different seasons of the year. To help you understand more and also to give you an idea to have a good start at cleaning your own backyard or front porch from Japanese knotweed, here are some of the best tips that you can use explained below.

  • Uproot it completely– Digging up the ground where the Japanese knotweed grows is one of the most effective ways to eradicate this invasive plant. You can even dig up the rhizome-clumps that serves as the heart of the Japanese knotweed and responsible for its fast growth. After you dug up every last root and stem of the Japanese knotweed, make sure to properly bag everything and dispose it at an allocated disposal site to prevent it to regrow.
  • Cover it with thick dark-colored plastic– In using dark-colored plastic materials like tarpaulins can kill the Japanese knotweed completely, this is because the thick plastic will suppress the rapid growth of the weed when the season begins that gives you a good advantage in your efforts to get rid of it. You can invest large tarpaulins if the infestation has already grown big to cover everything.
  • Use herbicide– Applying a weed killer to the Japanese knotweed is a surefire to kill it instantly by repeatedly spraying it daily to suppress its growth until it gets exhausted from the potent chemicals of the herbicide. The best herbicide to kill Japanese knotweed is the glyphosate-based herbicides which are diluted with water to spray it on this invasive plant. Also, there is a method where a non-diluted glyphosate-based herbicide is injected directly to the plant’s cane for a more effective kill.
  • Cut it frequently– Cutting it back frequently which can be done in the entire summer to prevent photosynthesis to process the plant’s growing rapidly. The cuttings should be disposed of properly by putting all of it inside a bag since it can regrow itself by sprouting new roots. If you cut the Japanese knotweed frequently, it will exhaust itself from re-growing which will cause its death.