Japan is a land of artistic and skilled people. People with all kinds of talents and abilities reside here. Japan is famously known for its customs and tradition like tea ceremonies, flower arrangement, martial arts, and calligraphy, etc. Japan is the home of sushi. It is also famous for its sculptures, and poetry. Likewise, Japan is also famous for sharp knives and cutlery.

Types of Japanese knives: –

Let us try to understand a few types of Japanese knives and their use.

Gyuto knife: –

Gyuto knife or also commonly known as the chef’s knife is the multi-purpose knife of Japan. The blade used in these knives is thinner than the blades used in its French, German or European version. Harder steel is used to make the Japanese version of Gyuto, which is double beveled. Gyuto knives are made with both European as well as Japanese handles. The sole purpose of making these knives was to use it in the cutting of beef initially, which is where the name is derived from: –

Gyutomeans “a cow sword”. The dimension of these knives are usually 150- 390mm, while the most commonly used ones are 210- 270mm long and the thickness of their blades are between 1.5-5mm.


Bunka: –

Bunka is a multi-purpose knife, designed for the versatile use in western cuisine. It usually has a wider handle for better grip and made up of a blade suitable for making bot long as well as short cuts. The blade is made flat with a sharp tip to gain some precise cutting results. As these Bunka knives are a multi-purpose knife, it is the highest seller at https://smalldiner.com/best-japanese-water-stones/  giving some amazing feedback from professional as well as non-professional cooks all around the globe.

Nakiri: –

Nakiri is a rectangular shaped, thin blade knife. The main purpose of using Nakiri is for vegetables. These knives are developed mostly for home use, similar to Usuba. Although, they are thinner than Usuba with a name derived from the word ‘cutting green’. These knives are 165-180mm tall and available in both Japanese as well as European handles.

Deba: –

Deba is a classic Japanese knife, designed for tougher use. The purpose of designing these knives was to slit fish and chicken. They usually have Japanese handles with a thickness of 9mm and a length of 165-210mm. There various types in a knife: –

A] Hon-deba

B] Ko-deba

C] Kanisaki-debt and many more.

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